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The CRNS team is available to answer questions and provide information to both the public and RNs.

General Questions

Communications & Public Relations

Communications & Public Relations manages general inquiries, outgoing communication to both registrants and the public, liaises with the media, and coordinates committee applications.

General Inquiries:
Media Requests:
Advertising Requests:
Committee Application/Inquiry:

Executive Office

Executive Office represents the CRNS Leadership team and CRNS Council.

CRNS Executive Director:
CRNS Council President:

Nursing Practice & Education

Nursing Practice is the performance or coordination of health care services. It encompasses all nurses do, how they do it, what is required of them, and their scope of practice.

GN, RN, RN(AAP), GNP or NP Practice Questions:
Continuing Competence Program (CCP):
Nursing Education Program Approval:
Liaison & Mentor Programs:
Professional Practice Groups -
Prescription Review Program (PRP):
OUD Drug Therapeutics and/or Methadone for Pain Management:
Recognition of Practice:

Registration Services and Professional Conduct

Registration Services and Professional Conduct ensures new applicants and registrants meet initial and ongoing requirements to register and re-license annually to practice as an RN or NP in Saskatchewan, and investigates written complaints about a CRNS registrant’s professional competence and/or professional conduct.

License Renewal or Reinstatement:

Initial registration and re-entry inquiries:
Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) & IEN Re-entry:
Canadian RN:
Saskatchewan Educated RN:
RN or NP Exams Application:
RN Re-Entry:
IEN Re-entry:
Virtual Care Licensure:
Complaints & Investigation or Discipline:

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