Running for Council and Nominations Committee Frequently Asked Questions


Who can serve on the CRNS Council and the Nominations Committee?

Any Registered Nurse (RN) practicing member of the CRNS in good standing can run for a Council and/or a Nominations Committee position, except RNs employed at the CRNS.

What is the composition of the CRNS Council?

  • Council is composed of 13 members who work together as a Board of Directors.
  • Council is composed of seven Members-at-Large, the President and the President-Elect.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan appoints three Public Representatives.
  • The 13th member of the Council is the CRNS Executive Director, who is a non-voting member.
  • Apart from the Public Representatives, all Council members must be practicing Registered Nurses.
  • A person must live or work in the electoral region in which they are nominated.
  • A person must work in the nursing practice area in which they are nominated. Should they transfer nursing practice areas during their term, they remain eligible to complete their term.

What is the time commitment for Council work?

  • With the CRNS's reformed governance approach and single mandate, Council has streamlined its approach to Council meetings, reducing the number and length of meetings.
  • A member running for Council can anticipate being away from their place of employment for a minimum of 8 days for Council business:
  • Regular Council meetings (five times per year) = five days
  • CRNS Annual Meeting = one day
  • Council Retreat = two days
  • Video conference meetings as required (approximately once a month)
  • These estimates do not include the time required for personal preparation before meetings and travel to and from meetings.
  • The President-Elect can expect a time commitment of 10-20 days provincially (including CRNS Council meetings).
  • Council work can be used towards your RN hours for renewal

How long is a term on Council?

  • The term of office for the President-Elect is two years, followed by two years as President and then two years as the chair of the Nominations Committee. For the 2023 election, the Members-at-Large in Region 1, 2, and Nursing Practice Area will fill three-year terms.
  • A term begins at the close of the annual meeting in May.
  • Members are eligible for re-election for two terms in a position.

Can a candidate run for both Nominations Committee and Member-at-Large or President-Elect?

  • SRNA Bylaws, 2022 - Bylaw IX, Section 3, 2(4) states that a practicing member may only stand for election to one position on Council or the Nominations Committee.
  • You may be asked if you would be willing to let your name stand for an additional position if no nominations come forward for a specific position on the Nominations Committee or Council.

Are Council members compensated for attending Council meetings?

Council members are reimbursed for travel, accommodation, meal expenses and an honorarium as per CRNS Policy.

What are the days for the Council meetings for the upcoming election year? Please note that these dates are subject to change.

  • June 7 & 8, 2023
  • August 22, 23 & 24, 2023 (Council Retreat plus one-day business meeting)
  • November 7, 2023
  • February 7, 2024
  • May 1, 2024
  • May 2, 2024 (Virtual Annual Meeting)
  • Meetings are located in Regina

Do members need the support of their employer to run for Council?

  • Speaking with your employer before you let your name stand for election is essential.
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of Council members, the dates of Council meetings and the opportunities this presents for registered nursing in Saskatchewan

How is information communicated to Council Members?

  • Members are provided a laptop computer for CRNS business during their term on Council.
  • All information required for Council is provided online through an online platform (
  • Support for computer use and orientation to is provided.

What are some of the benefits of serving on Council?

  • ensuring quality health care for Saskatchewan citizens
  • contribute to the growth and development of the CRNS and its role in public protection
  • work with colleagues and public representatives on health and professional issues
  • gain professional and personal growth

What is the Nominations Committee?

  • The Nominations Committee’s role is to provide a slate of candidates to fill the Registered Nurse positions for the yearly election of positions to the Council and the Nominations Committee.
  • The Nominations Committee consists of three Registered Nurses and one public representative.
  • The term of the Committee is two years.
  • The Committee has at least three teleconferences. Most work is done from September to January.
  • Committee members communicate with members by telephone or email.
  • Expenses and honoraria are provided as per CRNS Policy.


Any questions can be directed to Re: CRNS Elections 2023 or by calling 306.359.4236.

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