How You Can be Involved in the CRNS Rebrand

As the CRNS continues the transition to a single mandate organization, a rebranding project is also underway. There is a target to launch the new brand, along with the new name, in the fall of 2021.

We are currently in the stakeholder research phase which focuses on discovery around brand perception, organization priorities and what the vision for the future brand may look like. As the mission of the CRNS is to serve in the best interest of the public, it is incredibly important to have you, members of the public, included in this phase. The CRNS would like to extend an invitation to any members of the public who may be interested to take part in a rebrand focus group.

These groups will be facilitated by the CRNS’s hired branding agency with various questions and exercises throughout to gather your valued perspective. If you are interested in taking part in one of the focus groups, please contact Tonya Blakley, Director of Communications and Public Relations at

The CRNS appreciates your willingness to play a role in the rebrand and look forward to sharing the end result with you in the near future.

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