The Role Nurses Have in the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

As the roll out of vaccines in Saskatchewan continues, the Covid-19 Immunization Delivery Plan has been expanded to include the use of both licensed and unlicensed health care providers. This expansion has been done to ensure that the human resource demand of the plan can be met as additional health care professionals in countless communities across the province are included to increase the availability of vaccine appointments.

With this plan, exceptions to current medication management expectations have been made for RNs in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine only. This change allows for more of a team approach to the vaccination process. In practice this means that there may be different care providers completing the screening process, pre-drawing and labelling syringes, administering the vaccine, documenting, observing for anaphylaxis and responding when needed. This approach allows for the use of a large number of health care providers working within their competencies to complete the necessary steps of the immunization process in a safe and timely manner.

Information regarding vaccination clinics, eligibility requirements and vaccination appointment bookings can be found on the Saskatchewan Health Authority COVID-19 page.

If you have questions about these updates, please contact an CRNS Practice Advisor by phone at 1.800.667.9945 or 306.359.4227 or by email

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