What Are Bylaws and Why Should You Care About Them


As the regulatory body for registered nursing in Saskatchewan, bylaws are an important tool we use to raise the level of accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the CRNS to protect the public through regulatory excellence. This is one of the most important reasons that bylaws exist – to protect you and your loved ones when they interact with RNs in the health care system.

Simply put, bylaws are rules adopted by an organization that outline how the organization will govern itself or regulate its own affairs. In addition, they outline requirements for the conduct of its members – what they are required to do or not do related to specific circumstances.

Bylaws guide practice and hold RNs accountable for the care they give and the decisions they make. Bylaws make it clear to readers – RNs, public, partners, other professions – how the organization is expected to function and govern itself in the best interest of the public. And they assist the organization to be effective in their activities because there are clear expectations for how they will operate.

Each year, the CRNS looks to improve our bylaws and propose amendments that impact the administrative bylaws – how the Council is set up, elections, meetings, fees, certain committees – or the regulatory bylaws – how RNs get licensed, categories of nursing practice, or the Code of Ethics, Standards and Competencies that form the basis for registered nursing practice in Saskatchewan.

All eligible voting registrants who attend the virtual 2022 Annual Meeting will have the opportunity to vote on the CRNS’s proposed bylaw amendments. As a member of the public, you can attend our live stream on May 5 at 1:00pm and review the proposed changes here: Proposed 2022 Bylaws Package


Examples of some things that are addressed through the bylaws include:

  • Categories of membership for the organization from practicing member to retired membership
  • Categories of practice (RNs and NPs) and their requirements to maintain eligibility for registration to practice
  • Requirements for nursing examinations
  • The composition of Council committees that contribute to profession-led regulation
  • Reference to the Code of Ethics, Entry-Level Competencies and Practice Standards required of registered nurses in Saskatchewan


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