What is a Public Representative and How Can You Become One?

Public participation in a profession-led regulation such as the CRNS, ensures the regulatory body remains accountable to the people of Saskatchewan. It is an important part of the work done by the CRNS and it serves to increase our awareness of the changing needs of the pubic we serve.

One of the ways that a member of the public can be involved with the CRNS is by becoming a public representative on one of the internal committees. There are 11 committees that provide insight to the organization’s work, contribute to advancing the profession and aids us in delivering on our mandate as a profession-led regulator. Members of the public that serve on these committees are advocates of the public interest. They bring the perspective of the public to the attention of the regulatory body helping us to ensure our work remains in the public interest.

It is important to note that members of the public that express interest in contributing their time to a committee are not required to have a background or expertise in health care. In addition, all members of CRNS committees are compensated for their time.

If you are interested in becoming involved with an CRNS committee as a public representative, please contact links@crns.ca.

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