What is the Continuing Competence Program and How Does it Protect the Public?

The CRNS promotes good practice, prevents poor practice and contributes to the quality of registered nursing care with the best possible outcomes for you, the public. Thus, every Registered Nurse (RN) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) are required to complete the CCP annually as part of the requirements to hold a license to practice registered nursing in Saskatchewan.

This program consists of four components: personal assessment, a learning plan, feedback and an evaluation. The program allows nurses to self-reflect on their standards and competencies and identify their strengths and opportunities for development. Throughout the year they are required to create a learning plan they follow, obtain feedback from their peers and complete a self-evaluation to ensure they are on track to complete the goals they’ve set out to achieve.

This program provides nurses the opportunity to take the lead in their continued professional development to allow for safe practice within their designated roles. This program holds RNs and NPs accountable for maintaining their competence in an ever-changing health care environment and contributes to quality nursing practice and public safety. The current program is presently under review to ensure it continues to meet the needs of registered nurses while meeting licensure requirements to ensure protection of the public.

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