News Bulletin VO. 23 NO. 4

A Message From Your ED

We know the current COVID-19 pandemic is calling on all of you in an unimaginable way and we want to acknowledge the sacrifices that you’ve all made. You continue to selflessly work around the clock to provide care to the people of Saskatchewan. We recognize the immense pressure RNs face each day and are grateful for the important role you play on the frontlines of this unprecedented event. Thank you for selflessly carrying out your work, outside of your home and away from family, ensuring the safety and well-being of Saskatchewan people.

Your current working conditions coupled with the ability to provide an adequate standard of care are both very difficult. Please know we hear you. We know you are tired and stretched far beyond your limits. Many of you are practicing in some of the most difficult times ever experienced in health care. We know that each of you are deeply passionate about providing the best care to your patients and when you cannot do this, there is an emotional toll that weighs heavily on your shoulders. We also know that your position in health care gives you the knowledge necessary to know what it will take to start to make things better. RNs and NPs are leaders in the community.

Thank you for all you are doing to provide the highest possible standard of care for Saskatchewan families. We can reassure you, that together with you, we will continue to do our part in answering the call to care.

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