News Bulletin VO. 23 NO. 4

Ask A Practice Advisor

“If You Had No More People or Money, What Would You Do?”: A Solutions-Based Approach for Practice Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic is calling on all health care workers in unimaginable ways, and current practice environments are more challenging than ever before. We have heard that upholding the standards of practice can be challenging in various practice environments which are flexing to meet system demands. Based on practice advice calls and consultations we have received in the last while, the trends are focused on RN Practice challenges, difficult workplace environments, challenges in upholding standards, all aspects of COVID-19 and immunization, as well as scope of practice and safety.

New solutions and ways of working within the interdisciplinary team are essential and emerging to meet the needs of patients and families when resources are stretched to capacity. When discussing these practice questions, our first approach is to acknowledge the stressful environment and difficult circumstances that nurses are experiencing and have endured for many months. The continued perseverance, resilience and leadership is outstanding. After this acknowledgement, we turn our discussion to the solid foundation upon which nursing practice is based, and that is in the RN Practice Standards, Entry Level Competencies and CNA Code of Ethics. Going into these resources and reviewing which indicators and competencies speak to nursing practice, especially in this difficult time, can be very empowering and provide the basis for important discussions as we collaborate to use all available resources in creative ways to meet the needs of the people of Saskatchewan.

Once in a space where it is safe to think about the possibilities consistent with the knowledge, skill and judgement of registered nursing practice, we can explore the various solutions in their specific practice setting.  One of the questions we may pose is: “If you had no more people or money, what would you do?” This question positions the RN or NP as expert at point-of-care, potentially shifts mindsets and prompts a solutions-based approach with the client at the centre.

Utilizing a solutions-based approach in challenging practice and workplace situations promotes:

  • RNs as experts at the point of care;
  • creative solutions that utilize current resources in perhaps new or more efficient ways; and,
  • a culture of “we’re all in this together”.

We want to acknowledge the sacrifices that RNs and NPs make. We can assure you, that together with you, we will continue to do our part in answering the call to care.

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