News Bulletin VO. 25 NO. 4

Changes to Eligibility

As you work (or worked) your way through your license renewal, note that the changes to eligibility approved by registrants at the May 2023 Annual Meeting have taken effect. This is particularly important when registrants are counting hours for license renewal.

To maintain eligibility for licensing, you must complete the hourly bylaw requirement of acceptable nursing activities specific to your licensure for the period immediately preceding the license year for which renewal is sought or have completed an approved re-entry program within that same period.

  • Registered Nurse (RN) – 1125 hours in a five-year period OR 450 hours in a two-year period
  • Registered Nurse with Additional Authorized Practice [RN(AAP)] – 900 hours in a three-year period
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) – 900 hours in a three-year period

Please note that overtime, “on call,”; travel to and from work, and sick time are not considered nursing practice for the hourly bylaw requirement.

More information can be accessed here or by speaking with a Nursing Advisor by contacting

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