News Bulletin VO. 23 NO. 4

Join Our Dedicated RN Group

With our new name, new logo and new brand came a new communications plan for how we will effectively communicate with all of you. We want you to see the most important and relevant information for you, your practice, your workplace setting and your community. And we want the information to be easily accessible and in a place where you know exactly where to find it. Part of this strategy included transitioning from TimedRight to Facebook, to provide a seamless and helpful platform for collaboration and sharing of information and ideas, and to interact with our registrants where they are already being social.

This private group, CRNS Connects, will be used to host open discussions, share files and documents, post important updates and offer a platform for you to share ideas with one another. We encourage you to join the Facebook group as soon as possible!

We look forward to creating an inclusive and welcoming group to support you in your role as a Registered Nurse in Saskatchewan. Join now.

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