News Bulletin VO. 26 NO. 3

Truth and Reconciliation

June is National Indigenous History Month, a time to celebrate the rich heritage, remarkable contributions and the resiliency of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples in Canada. As an organization and the regulatory body for Saskatchewan's largest health profession, we are deeply committed to the principles of Truth and Reconciliation. It is essential to acknowledge the truth of our history, and to recognize its significance in shaping the present and the lasting effects on our future. Celebrated every June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day offers an opportunity to reflect on how each of us can support reconciliation efforts in our day to day lives. We shared in the community celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Treaty No. 4 to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the unique Indigenous heritage. Visit our dedicated TRC page to learn more.

A Commitment to Truth & Reconciliation Video

Through collaboration with employers, educators, regulators, direct care providers, leaders, and members of the public from across the province, this video represents a heartfelt apology to the Indigenous Peoples of this nation. It's a testament to our commitment to lead the journey toward reconciliation.

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