News Bulletin VO. 25 NO. 2

Truth and Reconciliation in Action

The CRNS continues its journey to learn the truth about the impact of colonization and residential schools on Indigenous people and to take action toward reconciliation. The CRNS Anti-racism Working Group has been working on a video concept and script that will visually and verbally acknowledge and apologize for the harms of the past, how racism impacts care today, and the individual actions Saskatchewan nursing leaders and others will take to improve the health care system.

To make the video possible, the CRNS is looking for RNs, RN(AAP)s and NPs who share a commitment to truth and reconciliation and ending racism in health care to participate in the video recording. You can sign up to be a speaker with a strong ‘I will’ action statement or to be part of the large group of nurses that stand behind the leaders as allies. You are also invited to bring family members to represent generations and hope for the future.

The video is set to be recorded on May 23, 2023, at Wanuskewin in Saskatoon. The CRNS plans to take a bus from Regina on May 23 and return when filming is completed later that day to facilitate Regina and area nurses to attend. To express your interest, complete this form by Friday, May 5, 2023.

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