Vaccine Uptake Resources for Health Care Professionals

With the current vaccination rollout in Saskatchewan, it can be overwhelming as a health care provider to answer all the questions you have yourself, and those being asked to you by your families and clients, about the science behind the vaccines available and the virus itself.

Vaccine uptake is an important part of re-opening Saskatchewan. To provide you and your colleagues with current and reliable information, online resources have been created by a group of interprofessional health care organizations in Saskatchewan. This online Vaccine Uptake Support resource provides information for you, a health care provider, but also information that you can share with friends and family if they are seeking out reliable sources of information.

The webpage includes frequently asked questions for members of the public and health care professionals, webinars addressing areas of concern surrounding immunization, documents discussing vaccine myths and evidence-based responses and notes to assist in providing accurate information.

The CRNS is hopeful that these resources will provide you with the confidence you need to answer questions related to the Covid-19 vaccinations currently approved and available in Saskatchewan. If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact a Practice Advisor at

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