For this year’s edition of The Pulse, we determined that going back to the foundations of all things College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS) would be the best approach. To best tell the history of our organization in a way that reflects each of your own individual paths to and in your registered nursing career, we’re pleased to introduce Kelly, RN, our fictional representative to share real-life stories, experiences and interactions of RNs and NPs in Saskatchewan. These stories will be used to highlight the various steps and milestones a registered nurse could experience throughout their career and how the CRNS is a constant figure in that journey.

Follow along as Kelly shares their personal and professional experiences of being an RN in Saskatchewan.


Introduction & History

The CRNS is the one constant from initial education and registration to retirement. And since we are that constant in every RNs journey, there are many aspects to our work that we want to demystify for you, our registrants, to better understand how you can fully participate in registered nursing regulation in Saskatchewan.

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Why did I Choose to Become an RN? Nursing Chose Me

Why did I choose to become a Registered Nurse? I’m sure many of my colleagues can attest—nursing chose me. And the reason I adore this profession so much is the ability to access and play a variety of roles in many different areas. From initial education to educating future RNs, I've loved experiencing this profession with my colleagues around me.

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Accessible Care: Implementing an RNSP

There is an opportunity for all care providers to better understand where scope of practice can be optimized in the public interest through specialty practices, RNSPs can be used and implemented across all areas of practice to meet the needs of people in every corner of the province.

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