What Connects Us as RNs? A Personal Reflection

I was genuinely surprised when I heard that the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association was rebranding, renaming and refining its mandate late last year. This organization has been integral to my entire career as a Registered Nurse so far—from my licensing exam to initial and then annual registration renewal to acting as a mentor to involvement on committees. As I reflected on truly how momentous this was for our regulatory body and the state of registered nursing in Saskatchewan overall, I thought about my own legacy in nursing and the ways the CRNS has played a role throughout my career.

No one Registered Nurse is the same. Our journeys through this incredible profession are rarely the same. From pursuing additional education to the timing of making a switch from one domain to another and everything in between, registered nursing is an entirely unique career and calling. But the one common thread throughout it all for all Saskatchewan RNs? Our regulatory body—the CRNS.

I want to use this platform to share reflections from my nursing career. I want to share snippets of my life story as an RN. I want to remember the small but impactful things I’ve accomplished. And while this digital journey is for me, I hope those who read it will resonate with the messages. I hope those folks who stumble upon my piece of the internet can see themselves in these nursing stories and feel empowered to share their own.

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