CRNS Resolutions

Your Input Matters

As a profession-led regulatory body, your input on CRNS’s initiatives and your perspectives on issues are welcomed to help advance, innovate and optimize nursing in Saskatchewan. Resolutions are an important tool that help shape our focus.

What is a resolution?

A resolution is the process for CRNS members to provide input on issues facing the profession or on initiatives you think CRNS could be involved.

How and when can resolution be provided?

Resolutions can be presented to the CRNS Council, by person, group, annual or special meeting assembly. Resolutions can be presented to Council at any time or brought forward at the Annual Meeting as a motion from the floor.

What should resolutions include?

Resolutions must include:

  • Title: subject of the resolution
  • Resolution statement: an expression of intent or what action you are proposing the Association take in relation to the subject of the resolution. This statement begins with: “Be it resolved ...”, and should be written in a clear and concise manner.
  • Explanatory notes: identify why you believe the issue should be addressed. If you are making a number of points, order them numerically. Remember that resolutions must have a provincial focus and relate to the mandate of the Association.
  • Identification: names of “mover” and “seconder” of resolution. Both must hold active-practising status with the Association. Either the “mover” or “seconder” should be available to speak to the resolution at the Annual Meeting.

What happens to resolutions/motions that are approved by membership at the Annual Meeting?

These resolutions are reviewed by Council to make reasoned decisions regarding any actions to be taken.

Where should resolutions be submitted?

Resolutions and questions should be sent to CRNS President Francoise (Frankie) Verville at

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