CRNS Committees

Each year, members of the public and CRNS members contribute time and expertise to various committees that provide oversight to the Association’s work, helping advance the profession and delivering on the mandate as a profession-led regulator. The CRNS greatly appreciates the commitment, contribution, collaboration and leadership of everyone involved in the committees.

Council Committees

Audit and Finance

The Audit and Finance Committee assists Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities respecting affairs of the CRNS (“Association”) by monitoring the integrity and accuracy of financial reporting; systems of financial internal controls; audit function; and budget process.

Committee Composition:

  • Doug Finnie, Public Representative (Chair)
  • Warren Koch, RN
  • Betty Metzler, RN
  • Moni Snell, NP
  • James Struthers, Public Representative
  • Randle Green (Accountant)
  • Cindy Smith, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Jules Szabo (Staff Support)


The Nominations Committee prepares a slate of candidates to fill the practicing member positions on Council and on the Nominations Committee. In addition, the Committee has one public representative appointed by Council who has previous governance experience.

Committee Composition:

  • Andriy Guravskyy, RN
  • Waren Koch, RN (Chair)
  • Jenise Schneider, RN
  • Tonya Blakley (Staff Liaison)
  • Lesley Stronach (Staff Support)

Ownership Linkage

The Ownership Linkage Committee assists the Council in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding connection with the owners. The Committee drafts an ownership linkage plan (located in the Governance Action Plan) provided annually for Council consideration and approval. The Committee ensures the plan is executed by Council on schedule. Feedback is provided to owners whose input has been sought.

Committee Composition:

  • Joanna Alexander, Public Representative
  • Marilyn Barlow, RN (Chair)
  • Kathleen Chabot, RN
  • Fred Entz, RN
  • Leah Thorp, RN

Legislation and Bylaws

The Legislation and Bylaws Committee identifies options for Council regarding potential changes to The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 and bylaws, and when directed by Council they draft, review and recommend revisions.

Committee Composition:

  • Janice Giroux, RN
  • Jennifer Radloff, RN
  • James Struthers, Public Representative
  • Ann-Marie Urban, RN
  • Frankie Verville, NP (chair)
  • Donna Marin, RN (staff liaison)
  • Cindy Smith, RN (staff support)
  • Julie Szabo (staff support)

Nursing Education Program Approval

The Nursing Education Program Approval Committee is integral to the approval of all RN education programs in the province of Saskatchewan. The Committee completes all program approval related decisions as delegated by Council.

Committee Composition:

  • Lana Dean, Pharmacist
  • Mary Martin-Smith, RN
  • Dan Pooler, Public Representative (Chair)
  • Ivy Rose Poulin, NP
  • Donald Kuntz, Public Representative
  • Donna Strilaeff, RN
  • Wendy Wilson, RN
  • Faith Antiporta (Staff Support)
  • Yvonne Harris, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Terri Belcourt, RN (Staff Liaison)

Statutory Committees


The Discipline Committee is a statutory committee whose powers and authority are outlined in The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 and the CRNS bylaws. As a member of the Committee, you will sit on a panel to make decisions on allegations of professional incompetence and professional misconduct. Any case involving the conduct, competence or behaviour of a registered nurse that is referred for a public disciplinary hearing is heard by the Discipline Committee.

Discipline Committee Resource Pool Composition:

  • Janna Balkwill, RN
  • Chris Barlow, RN
  • Ruth Black, RN
  • Joanne Blazieko, RN
  • Leah Clement, RN
  • Christopher Etcheverry, RN
  • Sophie Grahame, Public Representative
  • Michell Jesse, RN
  • Anne Kokesch, RN
  • Russ Marchuk, Public Representative
  • David Millar, Public Representative
  • Natasha Shyiak, RN
  • Kari Stabbler, RN
  • Elaine Stewart, RN
  • Frank Suchorab, RN
  • Stella Swertz, RN
  • Ambrosia Varaschin, Public Representative
  • Leonard Wegner, RN
  • Cheryl Hamiliton, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Karen Rhodes (Staff Support)
  • Leah White, RN (Staff Liaison)


The Investigation Committee is a statutory committee whose powers and authority are outlined in The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 and the CRNS bylaws. As a member of the Committee, you work with a group of people reviewing complaints and collectively make decisions regarding alleged misconduct or incompetence.

Committee Composition:

  • Brenda Andreas, Public Representative
  • Laureen Larson, RN
  • Lisa Rock, RN
  • Janice Taschuk-Leibel, Public Representative (Chair)
  • Yvonne Wozniak, RN
  • Billy-Jo Howe, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Melanie Hladun (Staff Support)

Staff Advisory Committees

Membership Advisory

The Membership Advisory Committee provides strategies for student and member engagement in CRNS activities. In addition, the Committee recommends member and public representation to CRNS internal and external committees.

Committee Composition:

  • Lori Boen, RN
  • Janine Brown, RN (Chair)
  • Elizabeth Domm, RN
  • Karen Gibbons, Public Representative
  • Sarabjeet Singh, RN
  • Tonya Blakley (Staff Liaison)
  • Lesley Stronach (Staff Support)

NP Advisory Working Group

The NP Advisory Working Group is a staff advisory committee for the regulation and practice of NPs in Saskatchewan, and administrative policy framework for registration and licensure of NPs. The Committee identifies and provides recommendations on NP issues or scope of practice. 

Committee Composition:

  • Cindy Smith, Chair
  • Leah Currie, Public Rep
  • Bill Cannon, NP
  • Tara Schmalenberg, NP
  • Maureen Klenk, NP
  • Johanne Rust, NP, SANP Rep
  • Arlene Eckert, NP
  • Brittany Stephenson, NP
  • Brenda Mishak, NP
  • Jolene Issel, Staff Liaison
  • Carole Reece, Staff Liaison
  • Faith Antiporta, Staff Support

Interprofessional Advisory Group

The Interprofessional Advisory Group (IPAG) is to act as an expert panel for the development and updating of the CRNS Clinical Decisions Tools (CDTs) for registered nurses with additional authorized practice [RN(AAP)s]. The CDTs are updated by an independent contractor with subject matter expertise prior to being provided to the IPAG members for their review and approval prior to submission to CRNS Council.

Committee Composition:

  • Greg Lawrence, Public Representative
  • Doria Melville, NP
  • David Opper, Physician
  • Judy Rhode, RN(AAP)
  • John-Michael Stevens, Physician
  • Barbara MacDonald, RN (Chair and Staff Liaison)
  • Michelle Duncan (Staff Support)

Registration and Membership

The Registration and Membership Committee provides guidance and offers recommendations to the Registrar regarding issues related to registration/licensure and membership in accordance with The Registered Nurses Act, 1988.

Committee Composition:

  • Lynn Jansen, RN
  • Patricia Harlton, Public Representative
  • Rod Luhning, Public Representative
  • Gina Fleming, RN
  • Maria Estorco, RN
  • Jennelle Hubick, NP
  • Cheryl Hamilton, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Leah White, RN (Staff Liaison)
  • Deb Pearson (Staff Support)
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