Complaints & Investigation

The CRNS regulates Saskatchewan registered nursing practice in the best interest of the public through investigation of written complaints about a CRNS member’s professional competence and/or professional conduct.

When it is appropriate based on the evidence, education and remedial work can be used to correct and improve member practice so that the standards, competencies and code of ethics are followed.  Where it is not appropriate to use a low-level process following an investigation, then the matter can be referred to a discipline hearing.

The Registered Nurses Act, 1988, mandates the CRNS  have an independent, fair, and unbiased investigation and discipline processes.  The jurisdiction for investigation and discipline are only CRNS members who are licensed to practice as: RNs, GNs, RN(AAP)s, NPs, and GNPs in Saskatchewan.

Reporting a Complaint

Do you have a complaint about a Member of the CRNS or want information about the CRNS process for investigations?

Discipline Hearings

For information on the discipline process, a discipline hearing, or decision.

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