Guidelines for Submitting a Report

The CRNS establishes a minimum or safe level of competence for all its members—Graduate Nurses (GN), Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Nurses with Additional Authorized Practice [RN(AAP)] and Nurse Practitioners (NP)—by:

  • Identifying practice standards and entry-level competencies that CRNS members must be capable of demonstrating;
  • Setting educational standards for entry to the profession;
  • Collaborating on the competencies to be tested on the registration/licensure examinations;
  • Ensuring registration and licensure requirements are met; and
  • Responding to reports about professional competence and conduct of CRNS members.

When to Submit a Report

If a member of the public has concerns about an CRNS member’s practice, submit a written report. The CRNS will investigate written reports submitted regarding a nurse’s conduct and/or competence.

How to Submit a Report

Ensure that your report is typewritten or legibly handwritten. Provide as many factual details as possible, and include your name, address and telephone number. Once received, an investigator will contact you to discuss your report.

When submitting a report, provide the following information:

  • State you are reporting a concern regarding a nurse’s competence
  • List and number the incident(s) you are concerned about. Give the following details:
    • The first and last name of the nurse (if available);
    • Date and time of the incident(s);
    • Place where the incident(s) occurred (i.e. hospital room, home, hallway, etc.); and
    • Description of the incident(s).
  • Attach the following information, if available:
    • Any notes written at the time of the incident(s);
    • Description of any action taken at the time of the incident(s); and
    • Names and contact number of other people who heard or saw the incident(s).
  • Reports should be marked CONFIDENTIAL and sent to:

Nursing Advisor, Competence Assurance

1-3710 Eastgate Dr, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5

If you submit a verbal report, the Nursing Advisor, Competence Assurance, will request that you put your concerns in writing.

I Need Assistance to Submit a Report

 If you do not feel comfortable writing a report and you would like some assistance to write and submit a report, contact the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (1-800-667-9945 or 306-359-4200) and ask to speak to a Nursing Advisor, Competence Assurance. The Nursing Advisor will provide the assistance you need.

What Will Happen After I Have Submitted My Report?

 Any written report that is submitted to the CRNS alleging that an CRNS member is guilty of professional incompetence or professional misconduct will be reviewed and investigated. The Nursing Advisor, Competence Assurance, will contact you to discuss the report and help you understand the investigation process.

What Happens Once the Investigation Committee Makes a Decision?

After the Investigation Committee reaches a decision about the outcome, a written report is prepared by the Nursing Advisor, Competence Assurance. Both you and the CRNS member whom you submitted a report against will then be notified of the decision via registered mail.

Who to contact if you have questions about a complaint:

CRNS RN Investigator

1-800-667-9945 ext 240 or 306-359-4240 (Regina)

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