Applying for the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam(CNPE)

NP exams vary based on the specialty of practice for which you are applying. Each exam provider has its own process.

Requirements to Write the CNPE:

  • NP Assessment Application form completed and applicable fees paid
  • Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination (CNPE) Application form completed and applicable fees paid
  • Transcripts, including completion of Controlled Drugs & Substances education, are received at the CRNS
  • Verification of Completion received at the CRNS office

Application Process:

  1. Complete the NP Assessment Application formand pay the applicable fees
  2. Complete the CNPE application formand pay the applicable fees
  3. Request your transcripts:
    • University of Saskatchewan graduates – order your transcripts through PAWS after your program completion date. Your Verification of Program Completion is sent automatically from the College of Nursing.
    • University of Regina graduates –order your transcripts through UR Self-Service. Your Verification of Program Completion is sent automatically from the Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Program.
    • Out-of-province graduates – have your transcripts sent directly to the CRNS and have your school of nursing complete the Verification of Completion of Nurse Practitioner Education Program

Once you have the above requirements have been approved, your name will be forwarded to Yardstick ASI, who is the exam provider for the CNPE. Yardstick ASI will contact you via email to arrange for payment of the CNPE and arrange your testing location on the specified exam date.

2023 CNPE Examination Dates:

  • Wednesday October 11, 2023 (deadline to apply is August 3, 2023)

Examination Withdrawal

  • Candidates are permitted three attempts to pass the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam(CNPE) this includes attempts in other jurisdictions
  • If you are not able to attend the examination writing, you must contact us prior to the writing date or the examination will count as a writing attempt and you will lose the entire examination fee.
  • Refunds will only be available when notification is provided prior to the examination writing date. The refund amount will be determined by Yardstick., less an administration fee.

Exam Results 

  • All examination results are processed and provided to us by Yardstick
  • Results for exams are usually received from ASI within six weeks of the writing date and they are emailed to participants by the CRNS

Candidates who have met all other eligibility requirements and have passed the CNPE will receive information regarding:

  • Application for NP registration and licensure

Candidates who are unsuccessful will receive information regarding:

  • Exam scoring
  • Application for future exam writings
  • Candidates who have failed may appeal their result and request a re-scoring by submitting an application and required fee

Special Accommodation

If you have a disability which could affect your performance on the CNPE, special accommodation can be requested by contacting the CRNS at 306-359-4200. This request is subject to approval and must be made at least two months prior to the examination.


Regulations and entry requirements are subject to bylaw and policy changes.

If you have questions, contact

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