Graduate Nurse Practitioners

This section is for you if you want to become a Graduate Nurse Practitioner in Saskatchewan or you are supervising a Graduate Nurse Practitioner.

Requirements to Become an Graduate Nurse Practitioner (GNP)

  1. Successfully complete an approved nurse practitioner program
  2. Have an employer, and designated supervisor
  3. Successful completion of a CDSA course is required whether it is part of a NP program or standalone.
  4. Complete the application forms and submit applicable fees.
  5. Submit a current Canadian Criminal Record Check.

Application for Licensure Process

GNP license Scope and Supervising a GNP:

  • A GNP license is valid for eight months, and may be renewed once.
  • A GNP cannot be granted:
    • a Saskatchewan prescriber number
    • a laboratory diagnostic identifier
    • a billing number.

These identifiers are granted when a NP license is issued.

  • A GNP must be supervised by an NP or a physician in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CRNS Bylaws).
    • This supervision can be direct (side by side) or indirect (in the facility). Over time, supervision typically graduates from direct to indirect.
  • A GNP cannot independently:
    • prescribe medications
    • order diagnostic or laboratory tests
    • make referrals to other providers and/or services.

All of these activities must be co-signed and would be issued under the supervisor’s authority.

  • A GNP cannot prescribe controlled drugs and substances. This would need to be done by their supervisor.

Need more information: Contact a practice consultant.

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