National NP Regulation Project Update

In follow up to the December 22, 2020 Nursing Practice Update:

The CCRNR National NP Regulation Project continues to move forward with the goal of providing consistent regulation with a single category of NPs and one national examination for all NPs in Canada. The current priorities of the project are selecting an exam vendor, review of entry level competencies and establishing advisory committees.

The CRNS encourages members who are interested in staying up to date on this project to subscribe to the CCRNR NPR-FIPP newsletter to receive the Project News and to access Frequently Asked Questions.

This project will involve consultation from provincial key stakeholders. The CRNS will be setting up meetings to inform stakeholders of the project and discuss future consultation. If you are interested in attending any CRNS upcoming information sessions regarding the project, please email Donna Cooke, Nursing Advisor at

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