Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative Update 

The Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative was announced on October 20, 2022, to improve the uptake of biosimilar drugs. The Biosimilars Initiative means that patients will be covered for a biosimilar version of their biologic medication where one is available. 

The latest update includes clarifications and resources to support health care providers and patients. Some reminders: 

  • A new Exception Drug Status (EDS) application is not required for patients to start using a biosimilar. 
  • Where applicable, EDS coverage for the listed biosimilars has been added for patients who have current EDS coverage for an affected reference biologic. EDS coverage for the reference biologic will be terminated on April 30, 2023. 
  • Biosimilars are not listed as interchangeable with the reference biologic on the Saskatchewan Formulary. They cannot be substituted at the pharmacy level. 
  • Prescriptions must clearly indicate the biosimilar brand to be dispensed by the pharmacy. 

This update from the Ministry of Health includes Insulin coverage updates, exemptions and extensions, and patient notification requirements.

Physicians, NPs and pharmacists are asked to approach patient questions with evidence-based information to help build patient confidence in the data supporting biosimilar use and transition.

Additional resources:

November 18, 2022: Letter to Health Care Providers – Patient Communications and Patient List Request Form

October 20, 2022: Letter to Health Care Providers Regarding Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative

Guide for Patients

Patient List Request Form

Visit the Biosimilars Initiative website for the most current and up-to-date news regarding this initiative.

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