Nursing Community

CRNS members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of initiatives in the nursing community that will enhance their nursing practice. These opportunities include volunteering as a Workplace Representative or Workplace Educator, starting or participating in a Professional Practice Group, participating in CRNS online forums, or getting involved with the CRNS Council, focus groups or committees.

Workplace Representatives

CRNS Workplace Representatives (WPR) are CRNS members who volunteer to act as communication liaisons between the CRNS and RNs, NPs and RN(AAP)s in their place of employment.

The CRNS is committed to keeping lines of communication open between the organization and its members. An important resource in executing this commitment is the involvement of WPRs across Saskatchewan. Not only do WPRs share information from the CRNS with their colleagues, they also relay any questions and concerns from their colleagues back to the CRNS.

Professional Practice Groups

The CRNS’s Professional Practice Groups (PPG) are member-driven groups based on specific topics (i.e., Pain Management) or areas of practice (i.e., Critical Care).

PPGs provide professional growth and development, and promote networking within the CRNS community of nurses. These groups discuss best practices, share information, review expert literature, provide mentorship, work on projects and host education events. Five CRNS members are required to establish a PPG. PPGs are open to physicians, other types of nurses and the public.

Getting Involved with the CRNS

The CRNS is a member-driven organization that relies on the involvement of its members to ensure a strong, rich and diverse association.

There are a wide variety of ways to get involved with the CRNS during one’s career as an RN with varying levels of time commitment. Examples include running and/or voting for CRNS Council; participating in committees, focus groups, or document reviews; joining or leading a Professional Practice Group; volunteering as a Workplace Representative or Educator; or submitting an abstract for the CRNS’s annual Education Day. Contact Yvonne Harris at for more information.

CRNS Online Nursing Communities

The CRNS monitors and facilitates multiple online groups that allow for information to be shared directly with CRNS members, create a space for open discussions and provide the opportunity to expand and strengthen nursing networks in Saskatchewan.

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