Indigenous Nursing (kā-wīci-pimohtēmāt)

kā-wīci-pimohtēmāt is a group of Indigenous nurses whose goal is to educate, collaborate, and enable all Saskatchewan nurses to work together to address the current health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and to facilitate a platform for direct communication between the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS) and the Indigenous nurses in this province.

What We Do

  • promote professional growth in members
  • promote growth and support (mentorship) to Indigenous undergraduate and graduate nursing students and nurses
  • advance recruitment and retention of Indigenous nurses
  • advance the wellness of Indigenous peoples
  • provide opportunities for continuing competency related to equitable and culturally safe nursing care for Indigenous peoples
  • identify objectives that contribute to CRNS strategic endpoints
  • facilitate the integration of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action #18-24
  • review expert literature and policies related to Indigenous peoples
  • collaborate with Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association (CINA)


kā-wīci-pimohtēmāt (pronounced gaah-weechi-bimohte-maat) means ‘a person who walks with others on their journey’.

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