Advertising Nursing Services

RNs and NPs are professionally accountable for how they convey their self-employed practice/business to the public through advertising. The purpose of advertising is to provide information so the public can make an informed decision when selecting registered nursing services from a self-employed registrant. Registrants may engage in advertising their nursing services for the purpose of promoting, maintaining or restoring health; and, preventing illness and alleviating suffering.

Registrants who advertise nursing services shall:

  • comply with federal, provincial and CRNS legislation; 
  • present information in a manner consistent with the current practice standards, entry-level competencies and the code of ethics;
  • advertise services only within the legislated scope of the registrant; 
  • state full name and protected title in the advertisement;
    • CRNS designation may only be used once you obtain Recognition of Practice (ROP) approval, or if the nursing services are designated nursing activities as interpreted by the Act; 
  • provide an accurate written description of the services provided, including risks and benefits of the service; 
  • address any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest;
  • obtain informed consent and always maintain client privacy and confidentiality;
  • use reasonable and appropriate illustrations, images, representations or claims; 
  • keep a copy of all advertisements for a reasonable time (suggested 5-year retention, or as suggested per legal counsel) for your record keeping;
  • only provide and advertise health services or products that are authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada;
  • avoid comparative statements that claim or imply superiority over others or include promotional/sale advertising;
  • ethically manage the potential risks associated with endorsements, refraining from endorsing products, product line or health care services that are not related to the care or services provided;
  • do not mislead the public with exaggerated claims of the effectiveness of the service being provided; and,
  • ensure advertisements are presented in a manner that maintains the public’s trust and are accurate, factual, evidence-based, verifiable, ethical and professional. 

CRNS Nursing Advisors are available to answer your questions. They can be contacted by phone at 1.800.667.9945 or 306.359.4227 or by email at


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