Antibiotic Suspension Shortage

Health Canada has declared a Tier 3 shortage for several antibiotic suspensions. Tier 3 is the most critical level and is expected to impact the health care system significantly. Many antibiotic suspensions are unavailable or sporadically available in extremely limited supply.

There may be a current supply of certain antibiotic suspensions, but we should expect these to become depleted as prescribing shifts. Tablets and capsules are currently available. This message addresses:

  • Strategies for conserving antibiotic suspensions
  • Resources for managing this shortage
  • Resources to help your patients understand the shortage

Note: All RN(AAP)s can only prescribe and dispense the medications that are identified in a CDT. Review the appropriate CDT prior to prescribing and dispensing any medication. Due to the suspension shortage, consult with a physician or NP as needed to receive orders for medications not included in the CDT.

Read the joint statement regarding the Antibiotic Suspension Shortage

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