Learning Opportunities

The CRNS  provides a variety of educational resources RNs can add into their annual learning plans, as well as learning opportunities including events and webinars (live and recorded).

Events & Webinars

CRNS members have access to regular educational opportunities in the form of events, as well as live and recorded webinars.

As the practice of nursing is always evolving, the CRNS is dedicated to ensuring its members are informed and well versed about all changes that could impact their day-to-day practice. As a result, the association provides members with dozens of learning opportunities annually through live events and webinars. The CRNS also provides a comprehensive online archive of recorded webinars so that RNs can view them when it works best.

Book a Workplace Presentation

CRNS Mentors (formerly Workplace Educators) are CRNS registrants who have been educated to provide presentations developed by CRNS Nursing Advisors.

CRNS Mentors are RNs who give presentations to their colleagues and assist in the application of CRNS standards, code of ethics, and guidelines in the workplace. Presentation topics include: Continuing Competence Program, RN Scope of Practice, and more. The presentations provide nurses with an opportunity to learn from RNs who have hands on experience in their work environment. RNs can book presentations for their workplace through the CRNS.

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