License as an RN in Saskatchewan

To be licensed as an RN in the province, Saskatchewan nursing graduates, Canadian RNs licensed in other provinces, internationally educated RNs, and RNs seeking a license with additional authorized practice must submit an application.

Communication Expectations & Etiquette

We understand the importance of your inquiries and concerns, and we appreciate your proactive approach to becoming licensed in Saskatchewan; however, we kindly request your understanding that contacting us multiple times through calls or emails does not increase the likelihood of a quicker response. Each new interaction can inadvertently extend the time it takes to resolve your issue.

Rest assured that we have a systematic process to address all inquiries and provide timely solutions. We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work diligently to help you.

Nursing Students & Graduates Within Canada

This section is for you if you intend to write the NCLEX-RN exam and practice nursing in Saskatchewan and are currently enrolled in a Saskatchewan nursing program or have graduated in the last three years from a Canadian nursing program.

Canadian RNs

This section is for you if you’re an RN who’s been educated in Canada or an internationally educated nurse who is currently licensed in another Canadian province or territory

Internationally Educated Applicants

This section is for you if you’re an RN who’s been educated outside Canada and has never licensed as an RN in Canada.

Additional Authorized Practice

This section is for you if you would like to apply for licensure as an RN(AAP).

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