Changes to The Coroners Amendment Act, 2019

On June 1, 2021, The Coroners Amendment Act, 2019 and The Coroners Amendment Regulations, 2021 came into force making several changes to The Coroners Act, 1999 and The Coroners Regulations, 2000. There are a couple of changes that may be important for Nurse Practitioners (NP) to be aware of with respect to the reporting of deaths resulting from medical assistance in dying (MAiD). The changes include:

1. The definition of “medical assistance in dying” as defined in section 241.1 of the Criminal Code has been moved from The Coroners Regulations, 2000 to Section 2 of The Coroners Act, 1999.

2. Subsection 7(4) has been added to The Coroners Act, 1999 which clarifies that the reporting requirements under section 7 do not apply with respect to a person who died as a result of medical assistance in dying where the underlying cause leading to death is natural, i.e. from a natural disease process.

3. Subsection 7(5) has been added which requires an NP to report a death resulting from medical assistance in dying to a coroner if the underlying cause leading to the death is unnatural, i.e. from injury rather than disease.

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