Health Care Legislation Relevant to Practice

This page identifies common pieces of provincial and federal legislation and resources relevant to the practice of registrants of the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS). The acts, regulations, bylaws, and information on this page are not exhaustive. Please refer to the actual legislation and resource for complete, up-to-date detailed information and for legal obligations outlined by that legislation and resource.

CRNS Standards & Competencies for RNs & NPs

The Practice Standards and Entry-Level Competencies most applicable to compliance with federal and provincial legislation and agency policy are outlined below.

Federal & Provincial Legislation for RNs & NPs

Regulatory Bylaws from Other Organizations & Collaborating Partners in Regulation

Information on relevant regulatory bylaws from other health care regulatory bodies as well as a list of collaborating organizations involved in developing, enacting, or overseeing regulatory bylaws in the health care sector. 
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