RN(AAP) Resources

The following resources provide further role clarity and guidelines for RN(AAP)s. An RN(AAP) meets CRNS educational and licensing requirements and demonstrates the ability to apply Additional Authorized Practice standards and competencies to diagnose and treat Limited Common Medical Disorders as identified in the Clinical Decision Tools (CDTs).

Standards & Competencies

These documents contain the over-arching expectations for RN(AAP) practice.

Clinical Decision Tools

CRNS CDTs are specific evidence-informed documents that guide RNs with additional authorized practice in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of limited common medical disorders encountered in the northern primary care settings in Saskatchewan.

The CDTs are reviewed every three years, or as needed, by the Interprofessional Advisory Group (IPAG) who provides content expertise for the CDTs. All 58 CDTs will be updated throughout 2022. Changes to the CDTs are based on the newest information, guidelines and Rx Files.

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