Prescription Review Program (PRP) Resources

The Prescription Review Program (PRP) is an educationally based prescription monitoring program that monitors for apparent inappropriate prescribing and the inappropriate use of all PRP medications in the province.

The links provided below have been chosen with the needs of Nurse Practitioner (NP) prescribers in mind that include CRNS materials as well as links to other relevant organizations.

Chronic Pain Focused

Comprehensive evidence-based resources for the management of chronic pain, with a focus on optimizing drug therapy.

Practitioner Focused

A collection of opioid management resources covering procedures, clinical tools, continuing education, mobile apps, and guidelines.

PRP Management Strategies

Risk mitigation strategies and enhanced prescribing safeguards to achieve optimal prescribing of PRP medications.

CRNS Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Methadone for Pain Management

CRNS Policies, Bylaws for authorized Opioid NP prescribers and the application process for NPs seeking approval to prescribe opioids for chronic pain and/dependence.

CRNS Prescription Review Program

Bylaws and guidelines for NP members who prescribe controlled substances.

CRNS PRP Affiliated

CPSS PRP overview, complementary resources, and various pain management tools to assist NP prescribers.



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